How much is the fastest update of information about a 5 ton ice machine?

The hot weather in the summer in our country today is the main and biggest cause of the huge demand for ice cubes today, the ice machines from small capacity to large capacity like ice machines. How much is the 5 ton ice machine that are receiving a lot of attention from beverage traders or food and seafood traders. First of all, let’s learn the structure of these ice cube machines.

How much does a 5 ton ice machine cost? Structure of the ice machine

The ice machine has 2 types of parts, the main part and the auxiliary part, the details of each part will be presented below:

Main divisions:

The main parts of the ice machine include the following equipment:

High pressure reservoir: holds the liquid as it passes through the cooled condenser.

Compressor: a rather large and functional part is also very important when there is a flow

When cold air passes through, it will compress the pressure, then push this cold air flow through the indoor unit.

Cooling condenser: this part has the main role of discharging heat to water and exchanging heat of

it. Because of this role, the cooling condenser is often accompanied by a cooling water pump system

and cooling towers for water.

An illustration of the structure of an ice cube machine
An illustration of the structure of an ice cube machine

Throttle system: this is the cooling system by sudden pressure drop of the stream

gas. When this gas is cooled below zero, it will lead to the freezing of the water stream.

make ice cubes.

Evaporation system: the task of this system is to release the heat of the machine by evaporating


The part of the ice machine: this is where the shape of the stones is shaped. This mortar unit is usually in the shape of a jar. Water moving through these tubes encounters cold air, so it freezes into ice cubes of the desired size.

Water filter for making ice cubes
Water filter for making ice cubes

Extra parts

Liquid separator

The device that regulates the machine works…

Oil separator

Note when choosing an ice maker

How much does a 5 ton ice machine cost? These machines are the equipment that creates the ice cubes to use, so choosing the type of machine is very important. There are some notes when choosing to buy an ice maker as follows:

Depending on the level of ice consumption, also known as capacity, we will choose ice machines with suitable capacities from small to large. For large factories or fishing ports, it is recommended to choose a machine with a large capacity from a few tons such as a 5 ton ice machine to be able to use it in the most reasonable and fastest way.

Choose ice machines at reputable establishments to ensure the quality of the purchased machines. Customers can feel secure when visiting the Green Technology supply system nationwide.

Pictures of ice machines at Green Technology
Pictures of ice machines at Green Technology

There are other types of ice makers such as larger or thinner ice machines. Customers should note such information to be able to choose the most accurate machine. It is possible to buy a machine capable of creating many types of ice so that it can be easily used if the customer has a need for many types of stone to produce with many different uses.

How much does a 5 ton ice machine cost?

How much does a 5 ton ice machine cost is what many people are interested in today. With different capacities and types of machines, there will be different prices. You can refer to the price of the ice machine on the Green Technology supply system, with the advice of customer staff, you will have the most overview of the cost and use of these machines. Using a 5-ton ice machine at your company will save time and effort, optimize the fully automatic process, and bring the highest efficiency.

With modern design, advanced technology and affordable price, we are committed to bringing satisfaction to our customers. You will also use the product for a long time, the quality is superior to the products of other brands. At the same time, long-term warranties will also help you feel more confident when using the company’s ice machine.

It can be said that Green Technology is the address where you can rest assured when choosing ice machine products. We have been receiving a lot of positive reviews and feedback from customers when using the product. Not only large production and business units, but also small businesses, restaurant systems, and bar businesses also appreciate the effectiveness of this product.

For more information about the price of 5 ton ice machine, please contact us via hotline +84 941108888 or via website:, provided by Green Technology system in all parts of the country.

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