What kind of medicinal herb dryer is good for today’s production units?

Which type of herbal dryer is good for current production facilities and factories?

Drying medicinal herbs is not like other agricultural products. Because this is a special product, it is necessary to apply the right method to keep its medicinal properties and preserve it for a long time. SUNSAY dryer with many years of experience in the field of consulting and providing herbal dryers will share with you information related to choosing the right herbal dryer for your needs.

Although the traditional drying method is simple, it is influenced by weather conditions. Not being proactive in quality, so it can’t meet the needs of the market. So which type of herbal dryer is good, ensuring the quality requirements of dried medicinal herbs?

20 trays refrigerator dryer
20 trays refrigerator dryer

Types of herbal dryers available today

Currently, on the market, there are many types of dryers from mini machines to homemade and industrial machines, but when classifying technology, we can classify them into 3 popular types of dryers as follows: , freeze drying and sublimation drying. In particular, freeze drying is the most effective method in processing and preserving dried medicinal products.

Hot Heat Dryer

The operating principle of the hot heat dryer is to use the heat source to create a high temperature to dry the medicinal herbs. This is a common drying method used by many production facilities, businesses and households.

With low investment cost, simple to use, easy to operate and low maintenance. However, due to high temperature drying, product quality such as color and medicinal properties will be reduced and greatly affect the medicinal properties and cost. Medicinal herbs are easily affected by temperature causing shrinkage or deformation, the product moisture content after drying is not lowered to the optimal point, so the preservation is prone to mold.

Refrigeration dryer

To answer the question of which type of medicine dryer is good, it is necessary to consider the appropriate factor of drying technology. Cold drying, also known as heat pump drying, is industrially more advanced than hot heat dryers.

16 trays refrigerator dryer
16 trays refrigerator dryer

Refrigeration dryers use air drying method at a temperature lower than normal drying temperature, normally the temperature range is using heat pump technology from 5 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, in some cases it may be high. depending on the heat sensitivity of the product.

This method is currently being chosen by more and more processing facilities because of its reasonable price, optimized by SUNSAY design engineers and manufactured directly, completely domestically and without any OEM processing intermediaries. Therefore, compared with hot drying, the investment cost of a cold dryer is now only about 15 to 20 years different with the same capacity and standard of dryer, as well as the quality of medicinal herbs is guaranteed to bring higher economic value. high economic value for investors.

Sublimation dryer

Sublimation dryer is the most advanced technology to dry products today. Sublimation drying products are dried at minus 40 degrees Celsius, some materials are still negative to -65 degrees Celsius. Sublimation drying technology is to make the moisture in the material turn into a frozen state, and the ice sublimes to a gaseous state under vacuum pressure and not through the liquid state.

Sublimation dryer
Sublimation dryer

With sublimation drying technology, the nutritional value, taste, color and shape are preserved intact. Especially nutrition or drugs are almost unchanged. The biggest obstacle is that the investment cost of the sublimation dryer is very high, the capacity is low and the drying time is long, so the sublimation dryer is only suitable for products with very high economic value..

SUNSAY best herbal dryer

Popular SUNSAY refrigeration dryer lines are chosen by customers.

Mini Refrigeration Dryer

– Refrigeration dryer SS-4509HP – Mini 9 drying trays with drying capacity from 20 to 25kg/1 batch

– Refrigeration dryer SS-4512HP – 12 trays mini fridge dryer with the ability to dry from 30 to 40kg/1 batch

Refrigeration dryer with 12 large trays
Refrigeration dryer with 12 large trays

Mini refrigeration dryer is a line of refrigeration dryers made entirely of 100% high-grade 304 stainless steel to ensure all standards of food safety and hygiene and serve Vietnam’s medicinal drying needs. The investment cost of SUNSAY’s stainless steel mini dryer line is only from 4x million to 5x million. SUNSAY mini refrigerator line is subsidized by SUNSAY manufacturer to support start-ups, production households and small businesses that initially want to apply freeze drying technology to produce quality dried products. high quantity. SUNSAY series of mini refrigeration dryers is suitable for making dextox, fresh tea, processing fresh spices or making powder for drinking food such as cereal flour.

Medium-sized refrigerated dryer.

– Herbal medicine dryer SS-5712HP – Cold dryer with 12 large trays with the ability to dry from 50 to 60kg/1 batch

– SS-5716HP herbal medicine dryer – 16 trays cold dryer with drying capacity from 70 to 80kg/1 batch

– SS-5720HP herbal medicine dryer – 20 trays cold dryer with the ability to dry from 90 to 100kg/1 batch

– Medicinal herbs dryer SS-5730HP – 30 trays cold dryer with drying capacity from 120 to 150kg/1 batch

– SS-5740HP medicinal herb dryer – 40 trays cold dryer with drying capacity from 180 to 300kg/1 batch

30 tray industrial refrigeration dryer
30 tray industrial refrigeration dryer

The medium-sized refrigeration dryer with an investment cost of 7x million to 2xx million is suitable for establishments, cooperatives or manufacturing plants that initially apply freeze drying technology. SUNSAY Refrigeration Dryer meets the diverse drying needs of customers. Refrigeration dryers are designed with 2 independent drying chambers that can simultaneously dry many different products without affecting the quality or smell of the product.

Industrial Refrigeration Dryer

– 500kg industrial medicinal herb dryer specializing in drying medicinal herbs

– 1 Ton industrial medicinal herb dryer specialized in drying vegetables, fruits and agricultural products

– 2 Ton industrial medicinal herbs drying machine is often used to dry high-quality seafood

– 5 Ton industrial heat pump dryer specializes in drying high-class food in processing plants

SUNSAY industrial refrigeration dryer ensures the best quality after drying products. With the principle of independent moisture separation and no outside air, the drying product reaches the optimum moisture content of <5%. As a result, the product preservation time can be extended, preserving the nutritional value without mold, SUNSAY cold dryer is made of high-grade 304 stainless steel to ensure the standards of food safety and hygiene. The product meets all industry standards for herbal dryers.

SUNSAY industrial refrigeration dryer with a capacity of 500kg/drying batch is a line of refrigeration dryers suitable for medium and large enterprises. With a large number of drying trays and made entirely of the highest grade 304 stainless steel, customers can dry a variety of materials, save a lot of time and labor thanks to the intelligent PLC screen that automatically controls the temperature, humidity. Customers do not have to spend more time and costs to hire high-tech workers. The system is loaded, adjusted and stored the optimal drying processes for each type of product that customers are using, SUNSAY helps customers save production costs and do business more efficiently.

Precious medicinal herbs are dried by SUNSAY cold dryer

Or rules

Dong quai is a precious medicinal herb used to treat many diseases such as dental diseases, night sweats, insomnia, constipation, prostatitis. To freeze-drying dong quai, you use a cold dryer specializing in drying medicinal herbs, the product after drying will keep the best color and medicinal properties. Freeze-dried dong quai will dry, keeping the aroma better than when drying with a heat dryer. Currently, SUNSAY is providing the line of herbal dryers that help to quickly freeze and freeze the best medicinal herbs and help save production energy.


Currently, in the treatment of chronic diseases, people often talk about the effectiveness of improving the body’s physical strength and adaptability thanks to traditional medicine. Besides the precious medicine Ginseng, Lingzhi is also widely known for its ability to support the treatment of diseases.

Reishi has the effect of improving physical health, improving the body’s adaptability, adjusting physiological balance, improving antibacterial ability to restore health, “correcting the evil zone”. In Eastern medicine, “correction” means improving physical health, “evil area” means eliminating disease, and correcting evil area is increasing physical strength to eliminate disease. Herbal dryers are the right choice to retain medicinal substances and not cause moldy products.

Red ginseng or red ginseng

Hong Dang Ginseng has a sweet taste, calculates the average, enters the spleen and stomach, and is wasteful. It has the effect of supplementing the middle, helping gas, giving birth, nourishing the spleen, nourishing the blood, used for cases of weak spleen and stomach, bad gas, bad blood, fatigue, weakness, poor appetite, loose defecation, prolapse. uterine prolapse, rectal prolapse, gastrointestinal prolapse.

Hong Dang Ginseng is a nutritious food for health. For a long time, Hong Dang Ginseng has been an important food ingredient present in many food scales in the series such as “Ten Toan Dai Tonic”, “Four Quan Tu Thang”. . In addition, it is also combined with many other herbs to treat anemia and body weakness. SUNSAY medicinal dryer has provided and accompanied many ginseng processing factories.


Dried Cordyceps is a precious herb with a parasitic nature of the fungus Ophiocordyceps Sinensis that is very beneficial to health.

Long ago people discovered its uses and applied it as a remedy in traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Tibetan medicine. It has the effect of promoting health, enhancing health, improving sex life, enhancing immunity and causing no side effects on the body. It is thanks to the benefits brought, that cordyceps has become an expensive and famous medicine all over the world.

Quotation and order to buy herbal dryer

Is a product researched and manufactured in Vietnam by engineers with long experience. SUNSAY’s mission is to improve the value of processing and preserving Vietnam’s post-harvest agricultural products, contributing to solving the post-processing stage of the agricultural industry. SUNSAY refrigeration dryer ensures the standards of quality, food safety and hygiene.

Quotation for herbal dryer

With a reasonable price, SUNSAY Vietnam believes that this medicinal dryer is completely worthy for you to invest and use for a long time, bringing the best efficiency.

SUNSAY dryer offers a completely new and time-saving solution, reducing investment costs for users, bringing high economic efficiency.

What should customers do if they want to consult the price of herbal dryers?

– Step 1: Add Zalo number 094 110 8888 to connect with customer care and consulting department.

– Step 2: Provide personal information and needs. Such as: product to be dried, capacity, installation location.

– Step 3: Get a consultation and quote for a refrigerator.

How to order a herbal dryer?

SUNSAY accepts orders and supplies herbal dryers from mini machines to industrial refrigeration dryers at the customer’s request for each type of material.

For detailed advice on SUNSAY dryers, please contact Hotline: 0935.995.035 or call center: +84 941108888 for the fastest support.

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