I need advice on buying a wood chipper for export

I need advice on buying a wood chipper for export with eucalyptus wood as a raw material, which is one of the questions that GREEN MECH wood chipper often receives. In this article, GREEN MECH wood chipper will share information so that interested people can choose the right type of wood chipper.

GREEN MECH export wood chipping factory installed
GREEN MECH export wood chipping factory installed

Rely on wood materials to buy the right wood chipper

The cases of wood from the roots and roots or forest and dry woods will usually not be suitable for the line you have purchased the export industrial wood chipper . The line to buy a wood chipper for export is usually a disc-shaped wood chipper.

The wood material for the export woodchip production line is usually acacia wood which is planted from 4-5 years old and is exploited from the root. Acacia wood will be peeled right in the forest or taken to the wood chip factory, cleaned by the GREEN MECH acacia wood peeling machine.

What kind of capacity does the export wood chipper usually have?

Wood chipper for export usually has a capacity of 15 to 40 tons per chipper. The most popular series of wood chippers are usually 20 to 25 tons/h. In addition to wood chippers with the above capacity, GREEN MECH also has machines with a capacity of 1 to 10 tons/h using electric motors or deisel oil.

Where to buy industrial wood chipper?

GREEN MECH Vietnam provides machines such as: wood chipper, wood crusher, glue peeler, wood chip screener, conveyor.

Contact consultant Request to submit quote

For all needs about design consultancy and purchase of industrial woodchip chipper for export, customers, please contact phone number (Zalo) 0935 940 886  –  094 110 8888.  We will support in detail, also such as sending the most complete quotation of export wood chipping line.

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