Instructions for processing dried bell peppers

Bell peppers are a very popular spice and are loved by many families to enhance the flavor of every daily dish. Besides, bell peppers are also a food that provides many essential nutrients for human health.

Today, bell peppers dried using modern freeze-drying technology, which helps the dried product retain its color and flavor, is one of the most popular dried spice products today.

In this article, SUNSAY freeze dryer will share with you the secret to producing dried bell peppers that ensure nutritional value and bring high economic efficiency.

Beautifully colored dried bell peppers
Beautifully colored dried bell peppers

Introducing bell peppers

Origin of bell pepper

Bell peppers, also known as sweet peppers, originate from the Americas, with the scientific name Capsicum annuum. Depending on the plant variety, bell peppers have many different colors such as red, yellow, orange, green and purple…

In our country, bell peppers are grown mainly in Da Lat because this type is suitable for cool climates and has high yields.

Nutritional value of bell peppers

Bell peppers are not only a fruit that adds attractive flavor to dishes but are also a food containing many nutrients that are beneficial for health. Bell peppers contain many vitamins and minerals such as: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K… and antioxidant compounds such as: phytochemicals, caroteinoids, beta carotene…

Benefits of dried bell peppers for human health

With the nutritional content mentioned above, bell peppers bring many benefits to human health:

  • Enhance eyesight.
  • Prevent anemia.
  • Protect heart health.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Supports weight loss and stimulates digestion.
  • Helps sleep well and deeply.
  • Helps hair soft, smooth and strong.
  • Supports skin brightening, helps skin become rosy and increases elasticity.

Method of processing dried bell peppers

Bell peppers are one of the spices that add flavor to every Vietnamese meal every day. Bell peppers not only add flavor to the dish but also contribute to supplementing and balancing the nutritional value of the meal.

To preserve bell peppers for longer and be convenient for use, dried bell peppers are the most optimal solution to help bell peppers be preserved longer without fear of damage or changes in nutrients. There are many methods to dry bell peppers such as: traditional drying, heat drying, freeze drying…

Choose the right method to dry bell peppers
Choose the right method to dry bell peppers

However, bell peppers are a nutrient-rich food, so they are easily changed or lost during the drying process, so freeze-drying bell peppers instead of hot drying will help dried bell peppers maintain their color. and internal nutritional value.

The freeze-drying method is not only suitable for drying bell peppers, but it is applied to most vegetables such as: freeze-dried carrots, dried papaya, dried white radish, freeze-dried cabbage… because Low temperatures from 20 – 50 degrees Celsius help the product maintain its beautiful natural color, without changing the internal properties and structure.

This freeze-drying method will help the dried bell pepper products achieve the best quality, ensure hygiene and will not be dependent on weather conditions compared to the traditional method of drying in the sun. .

Process of processing dried bell peppers using SUNSAY cold dryer

Bell peppers dried with SUNSAY cold dryer are done according to the following basic steps:

Step 1: Select and classify sources of bell peppers for drying

Selecting and classifying ingredients is one of the important steps that create the success of dried bell pepper products. To ensure the quality of dried bell peppers is delicious and satisfactory, it is necessary to choose a fresh, guaranteed source of ingredients. Choose bell peppers that are large, old, and undamaged by pests and diseases to be chosen as raw materials for drying.

Choose a guaranteed source of bell peppers for drying
Choose a guaranteed source of bell peppers for drying

Note that when choosing dried bell peppers, you need to choose bulbs of the same size, fresh color, without defects or pests. It is necessary to purchase raw materials with reputable gardens, do not use pesticides or growth stimulants during the growing and care process to ensure the health and safety of users.

Step 2: Wash bell peppers

Before being processed, it is necessary to ensure that bell peppers have been removed from dirt or harmful microorganisms. Therefore, before processing, it is necessary to wash bell peppers with clean water to remove dirt such as sand, residues of pesticides and microorganisms that adhere to the surface of bell peppers to help produce bell peppers. Drying ensures the best food hygiene and safety.

Step 3: Slice bell peppers

After being washed to remove dirt. Bell peppers will be cut into thin slices with a thickness of about 5 – 10 mm according to the circle of the pepper or cut into squares depending on production purposes. You can use a specialized machine to cut beautiful and even slices of bell peppers to help the drying process of bell peppers take place evenly, achieving the best drying quality.

Step 4: Dry bell peppers with SUNSAY cold dryer

After processing, bell peppers will be placed in a drying tray and put into the SUNSAY cold dryer. During the process of stacking the trays, pay attention to how to stack the dried bell peppers so that they do not overlap each other, which hinders the process of heat exchange and moisture evaporation, as well as air circulation so that the freeze-dried bell peppers can dry as quickly as possible.

The temperature for drying bell peppers on the SUNSAY freeze dryer is customized from 20 to 65 degrees Celsius. The freeze drying time depends on the technical requirements for processing dried bell peppers. Drying time and moisture loss are well controlled by the intelligent control process on the SUNSAY cold dryer to ensure that dried bell pepper products are delicious and retain their flavor and color.

The HMI touch screen is easy to use with just a few simple steps
The HMI touch screen is easy to use with just a few simple steps

Step 5: Package and label dried bell peppers

After satisfactory drying, dried bell peppers are usually sized and packaged into bags of 100 to 500 g or according to the supplier’s requirements for distribution to the market. Export products are often packaged in larger sizes and weights, which can range from 10 to 20kg per unit.

The packaging process can use specialized packaging machines for freeze-dried bell peppers. Before being exported to the market, products are labeled with the brand you are building or as requested by your partner.

For the technology of producing dried bell peppers using the SUNSAY freeze dryer, you can use the phrase ” Freeze-dried bell peppers ” to distinguish it from other traditional hot drying methods to help customers easily recognize the quality. products and enhance the sales value of your brand.

Advantages of bell pepper products dried with SUNSAY cold dryer

Bell peppers dried with SUNSAY cold dryer have the following outstanding advantages:

  • After drying, the product retains its beautiful natural color and characteristic delicious flavor.
  • Nutritional content remains almost unchanged or changes very little.
  • Product moisture is low, helping to prolong storage time.
  • There is no need to turn bell peppers during the drying process.
  • Ensure food safety.

SUNSAY freeze dryer produces dried bell peppers

In the production process of dried bell peppers, in addition to raw materials and processing technology, the freeze dryer is a very important drying equipment to help the product meet quality requirements and export standards.

SUNSAY freeze dryer is the leading reputable supplier of equipment and production processes for dried bell peppers in Vietnam. We commit to being ready to accompany you from the preparation stage to operation and even for a long time when the factory goes into production operation.

To ensure the quality of dried bell peppers retains their characteristic delicious flavor, beautiful color and good nutritional content to meet export requirements. Please contact SUNSAY Dryer for the best advice and support.

The dryer is compact and does not take up much space
The dryer is compact and does not take up much space

How much does a cold dryer cost?

Food heat pump dryer  is a product researched and manufactured in Vietnam by engineers specializing in drying with many years of experience. SUNSAY’s mission is to improve the value of processing and preserving post-harvest agricultural products in Vietnam, contributing to solving the post-processing stage of the fruit industry.

SUNSAY freeze dryer ensures standards of quality and food safety and hygiene.

With a reasonable price, SUNSAY Vietnam believes that SUNSAY cold dryers are completely worth investing in and using for a long time, bringing the most optimal efficiency.

SUNSAY freeze dryer offers a completely new solution that saves time, reduces investment costs for users, and brings high economic efficiency.

SUNSAY dryer company currently has many types of cold dryer prices suitable for many production scales of people, from start-up production of 20 kg to medium scale of 200 – 300 kg to large scale of 5 tons of products. fresh of all kinds. The machine provides fast drying time, maintains beautiful colors, is especially energy efficient and achieves high performance.

Contact SUNSAY cold dryer consultation

SUNSAY Vietnam cold dryer is always ready to advise and support on drying methods and preservation of food, fruits, agricultural products, and seafood. SUNSAY Refrigerated Dryer offers a completely new solution that saves time, reduces investment costs for users, and brings high economic efficiency. With a reasonable price, SUNSAY Refrigerated Dryer believes that the device This is completely worth investing in and using for a long time, bringing the most optimal results.

For detailed advice, please contact Hotline: 0935.995.035 or switchboard: 094.110.8888 or visit website: for support.

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